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Weekend Schedule





  7:45am      Breakfast

12:30pm      Lunch

  6:45pm      Dinner


  8:15am       Breakfast

12:30pm       Lunch





  7:30pm        Candidates Arrive

  8:00pm        Beginning Bell

  9:15pm        Ideals Talk

10:45pm       Prodigal Son Talk


  7:00am       Morning Prayers

  7:10am       Three Glances Talk

  8:40am       Habitual Grace Talk

10:00am       Laity Talk

11:15am       Divine Help Talk

11:30am       Palanca Arrives

  1:25pm       Piety Talk

  2:00pm       God’s Gift of Life        3:25pm       Study Talk

  4:30pm       Chapel Visits

  5:40pm       Action Talk

  8:00pm       Obstacles to Grace

  8:30pm       Holy Hour

  9:45pm       Serenade/Grace Walk


  6:30am       Las Mananitas

  7:30am       Morning Prayers

  9:15am       Environment Talk

10:00am       Life in Grace Talk

11:30am       Christian Community

  2:00pm       Total Security Talk

  3:30pm       Fourth Day Talk

  4:30pm       Break-in/Closing



Upcoming Weekends

Upcoming Weekend Dates

K-123 Men                  March 17-19, 2023

K-124 Women            April 21-23, 2023

K-125 Men                  October 13-15, 2023

K-126 Women            November 10-12, 2023

CCFS #46                    March 24-26, 2023             

CCFS #47                    November 17-19, 2023

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