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NEW! Online Applications!

Our new online applications are easy to fill out for both you and your candidate.  You can complete them on your phone or computer.

DON'T FORGET to forward the candidate application form to your candidate  LINK TO CANDIDATE APPLICATION


Online forms must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to a weekend to be considered.

We ask that you make every effort to complete applications online.  If you are unable to, our printed

applications are available here:

Printable Sponsor Application

Printable Candidate Application


NOTE:  Mailed in forms must be submitted no later than THREE weeks prior to a weekend to be considered.

   There are many different types of Palanca and they are all important and an intracate part of the weekend.  Whether you are sponsoring a candidate or want to help provide for the weekend the link below will give you some suggestions and help



      Sponsorship is the foundation on which our community relies on to remain active.  Each one of us had a sponsor or sponsors that shared this wonderful gift with us. 

The following points will hopefully allow you to understand the sponsorship process from start to finish as well as give you the tools to make sponsorship easier. 


  • When the candidate coordinator receives an application it is dated and then placed on a pending list.  Couples and spouses of current Koinonians are given priority and placed at the top of the list.  Singles are then organized by the date the application was received. 


  • Team selection begins several months before the weekend.  It is important to have a list of possible candidates at this point to relieve the stress of not having enough candidates to move ahead with the weekend.  If we would need to cancel a weekend there are certain dates that we need to keep in mind so that we don’t lose any money.


  • Although we prayerfully believe that God will provide for this Community and we don’t want to make decisions based solely on finances we are also charged with being good stewards of what has been given to us.  Just like our own personal finances the cost of a weekend as risen over the last several years.  Members of Coreboard have been diligent in saving as much money as possible.  To cover the cost of the weekend it is important to have a minimum of 24 candidates.  There have been recent men’s weekends where it has been difficult meeting that number.  


  • Not only does the timing of applications potentially affect our finances it also affects those that are preparing for the weekend.


  • The Kitchen Coordinator needs a list of candidates as soon as possible so that they can prepare for any special dietary needs.  The closer we get to the weekend the harder it is to prepare.


  • The completed candidate list cannot be added to the website until all of the applications have been received.  This can have an effect on the amount of Palanca that is received.  Also, the group that is coordinating Holy Hour can’t finalize their plans until they have a completed list. 


  • In between team meetings the Rector and other members of the team review the applications and begin coordinating table and room assignments as well as planning for any potential special needs.


  • Some of the items that Coreboard have considered is cancelling a weekend if a certain number of applications aren’t received by a certain date and not guaranteeing a place on the weekend until both the sponsor and candidate applications are received.



   As many of you are aware a great deal of time and work goes into a Koinonia weekend.  You can relieve some of the stress by sponsoring and submitting the applications early.  God will determine who needs to be on a certain weekend but it is up to us to allow Him to use us by providing sponsorship.  Thank you for your commitment to this community.  Made God continue to bless you.

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